SIP Trunking

GlobalNexus provides SIP Trunking as a Voice-over-IP phone solution that uses Cloud-based technology to connect an IP-enabled PBX or VoIP Gateway to the internet. NexusVoice SIP Trunking replaces the need for traditional, expensive analog connections. SIP Trunking is the smart way to make the most out of an existing PBX without incurring any additional costs.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

  • Localisation
  • Virtual numbers from 50+ countries
  • Connect multiple sites and remote employees
  • Centralise hardware in one location


  • Compatible with IP-enabled PBXs or traditional PBXs
  • Scale capacity up or down as needed

Cost Savings

  • Replace costly legacy systems
  • No more separate connections – convergence
  • No dedicated phone lines



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