Experienced Telecom Veteran Joins the Global Nexus Board

NASSAU, Bahamas – October 25, 2016. Global Nexus is pleased to announce the addition of Ted Boyle to its Board of Directors. “We’re looking forward to many new and exciting opportunities to come out of our Board expansion. Adding Ted Boyle with his friends and contacts in The Bahamas, the US and Canada bodes well for the growth of Global Nexus in the years ahead,” said Sir William Allen, founder and Board Chairman. “I believe that our company is now well positioned for further expansion within the industry. We look forward to continuing success and growth in the months and years to come.”

A privately held corporation headquartered in Nassau, Global Nexus was launched a time when the need for reliable, fast and affordable Internet, voice, WAN (wide area networking) and other cloud services has never been higher.

The company’s strategy is to position itself as a “neutral carrier” and work cooperatively with partners and potentially other carriers to deliver technologically advanced and ground-breaking services.

About Global Nexus

Global Nexus is a privately owned telecommunications company specializing in products and services that improve business connectivity through optimum network performance, high availability and the most efficient solutions for global, regional and local businesses. GNX has purpose-built a network for commercial traffic with no contention, and the lowest latency and jitter to the rest of the world. With Global Nexus, ‘you make your business smarter’.




Email: noc@globalnexus.com