Global Nexus Launches Services in Bahamas and the Caribbean

Bahamas-based Global Nexus Ltd. (Global Nexus) has announced its entry into the telecommunications market in a groundbreaking bid to improve business efficiency in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean and seamlessly connect the region to the world.

A privately held corporation physically headquartered in Nassau, Global Nexus has been launched at a time when the need for reliable, fast and affordable Internet, voice, WAN (wide area networking) and other cloud services has never been higher.

The company is currently operating in the Bahamas and is offering Internet, voice and cloud-enabled networking and expects further expansion in international services.

The launch of Global Nexus brings a fresh new option to businesses in the Caribbean. We are bringing the latest technology, the best service model, and a solution that significantly improves clients’ day-to-day business operations. Our strategy is to be a ‘neutral carrier’ and work cooperatively with partners and potentially other carriers. The focus is on delivering technologically-advanced, groundbreaking services.

Richard MundayCEO Global Nexus

Global Nexus’ submarine network will provide high capacity and diverse connectivity between the Caribbean, Canada and the US. When complete, the overall network will bring much needed multi-terabit capacity to the region, along with important new routes. A network backed by the most comprehensive enterprise SLA in the Bahamas ensures optimal performance, redundancy and reliability for small-scale businesses and enterprise-level organizations.

Global Nexus’ Key Products and Services

NexusInternet™ gives businesses enterprises and consumers a better choice with next generation technology for fast internet everywhere you or your business are is.

NexusConnect™ Increases business up-time, improves customer service, reduces network complexity, and improves network performance using a dedicated MPLS/IP QOS-enabled network. Additional benefits include on-demand bandwidth, high availability options with redundant local access, and 100% up-time for a single carrier.

NexusConnect™ enables local and international businesses to have a global reach with dedicated data services offering point-to- point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint solutions.

NexusVoice™ allows companies to have better long-distance services that are reliable, flexible and are of higher quality. Benefits of NexusVoice™ include localization, the ability to connect multiple sites and remote employees, and centralized hardware in one location. With no costly legacy systems or dedicated phone lines, businesses can reap the benefits of additional cost savings.NexusCloud™ includes Infrastructure as a Server, Work Area Recovery, storage solutions, Disaster Recover as a Service and co-location features.

NexusCloud™ provides secure, private, public or hybrid hosting solutions that are also PCI compliant.

About Global Nexus

Global Nexus is a privately owned telecommunications company specializing in products and services that improve business connectivity through optimum network performance, high availability and the most efficient solutions for global, regional and local businesses.

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